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My name is Tin, from Vietnam. I have been an ARK hodler for 2 years (and counting). I heard about Qredit a few months ago and just invested a small stack a few days ago.

I see that Nayiem (CEO) is very active and quite helpful. He solved the issue I got at Altilly in few minutes although he was quite busy with projects. And, Cam & xqrdk (qredit delegate)- my friends at ARK Slack said nothing but good words to me about Qredit. That all made me here. I really like Altilly exchange and Qredit project.

I'm an ARK #devnet delegate ( I'm running 5 ARK #mainnet relay nodes and writing articles, creating videos related ARK. My tutorial video reaches 5k views ( NOW, I also want to bring that good stuff to Qredit network.