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All delegates should regularly inform voters of their progress in accomplishing the goals set out in their proposal. There are many ways for delegates to get in contact — either through this website or through official Qredit communications channels. Delegates who can't keep you updated on their status may not deserve your vote.


Being a delegate should be about more than sharing profits. Ultimately, delegates are supposed to ensure the health and safety of the network — and that can come in many forms. Whether through development, community-building, marketing, content production, or something else entirely, the best delegates elevate ARK from a cryptocurrency to a full ecosystem. Consider your vote accordingly.

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Team Members

From solo developers to full-fledged marketing teams, groups of any size can build successful delegates. Here you'll find all delegate team members alongside their role in maintaining (or capturing) forging position.

Name Role

Profit Sharing

Virtually all delegates share some portion of their block rewards with the voters who helped them get there. How large that payout is, however, depends on many factors. In addition to paying out different percentages of their rewards, delegates differ in their payout schedules, vote dilution, and other factors. Using our delegate calculator you can discover exactly how much XQR your vote should garner over the short, medium, and long term.

  • Percentage 0%
  • Frequency Daily
  • Running Balance Yes
  • Covers Fee Yes


Qredit delegates differ in what requirements they place upon their voters. Some delegates require you to hold a minimum amount of XQR to receive payouts; some delegates won't pay out votes from wallets holding XQR over a defined maximum. We've done our best to collect those requirements here, but you should always reach out to your delegate to confirm should you have further questions.

  • Requires Registration No


Without question, the most important role of a delegate is to maintain the Qredit network. Every delegate will run at least one node: the forger that's used to create blocks and collect rewards. Some delegates run multiple forging nodes to ensure that one node's failure won't affect voter payouts. Others run relay nodes to power their applications and facilitate the spread of data across the network. Regardless of type, more nodes equals more network security, so delegates running multiple nodes are highly regarded at Qredit.


Delegates should make themselves available to their voters. Much as you wouldn't vote for a mayor who never talks to anybody, it's not recommended that you vote for a delegate who doesn't offer communication channels for you to get in contact. However, as a voter, you should respect your delegates' time as well. While delegates may not be able to respond to you immediately, good delegates should make an effort to respond to voters' requests in a timely fashion.


Address Balance Weight
QcNKsGLdShyKoCYwozhc7KCJaxRPfYr23o 1,000,231 XQR 1,998.5913%
QTteUgZ41mBeEKtdaw5uFbMvXWCfMQaAc8 782,148 XQR 1,562.8333%
QeMbV9Hkv3Uu2e6YkVqw3uDBDKj7LdK3mJ 501,199 XQR 1,001.4602%
Qg22jwuR13Lin3QvjYhQjuZeUBRryj1Mwb 452,198 XQR 903.5501%
QRzad2FpEeTog2jQ3QEcULRFvyz8ppBvZV 425,000 XQR 849.2055%
QdArSHouY6QmzMgesXEkgpeg7T1RnYxvBJ 310,675 XQR 620.7682%
QSUos69rPs1aMPCWJzDr9ixeBTBTNnBhsr 250,942 XQR 501.4152%
QW5fiYvjkoym3AVUiq5HABLZrJ6ZTS8K6Y 118,002 XQR 235.7833%
QXJq8nuQx3j9HXm7NtkVbPjMkBW9ossofd 109,548 XQR 218.8911%
QaeMzK1ZqXJdeWWd3ei7BNZs7T8ZTSWA72 80,001 XQR 159.8517%